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The Bird Gardens of Naples is a non-profit organization whose sole concern is parrot welfare in captivity and conservation of wild parrots. We are an outreach and placement program which places into safe custody, parrots which are abandoned, abused, or in need of a home for any reason. Parrots are intelligent, highly social and complex beings with lifespans of up to 100 years. The individual bird’s best interest and well being of the present flock will determine if a parrot is accepted into the organization. We actively support networking with other parrot welfare groups, animal welfare organizations, the veterinary community, conservation organizations and the general public. Education is of the utmost importance concerning the well being of a parrot and its ability to successfully live with its human companions.

Keriellen Lohrman


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What People are Saying about The Bird Gardens of Naples

We have not only visited Bird Gardens of Naples, but have also placed several birds in their care. Keriellen and her family have created a desperately needed haven for parrots that are left with no where else to go. The parrots who live here are surrounded by natural beauty and given the opportunity to enjoy their lives as they wish. Large, well spaced flight aviaries equipped with water systems, natural perching and multiple forms of enrichment, as well as quality food and organic fruit grown on the property. The caregivers are extremely knowledgeable in avian medicine, nutrition and behavior and spend many, many hours a day with the parrots. Bird Gardens of Naples is a great facility and deserves recognition as a Great NonProfit.
Bonnie Grafton
Amidst the sometimes exuberant squawks of over 200 birds at the sanctuary known as The Bird Gardens Of Naples, you will also get a feeling of peace. Like a meandering river, the paths that wind through the property lead you to many beautiful sights, laughs, and delights. The many native species of plants also lends to the beauty. It also helps all those beautiful birds feel more at home and secure. Keriellen has a kinship with the birds. You can see it, hear it, and feel it. You will leave the Birds Gardens Of Naples with a smile on your face, and wanting to return.
Carol W.

Drove from Hollywood Beach to the Bird Gardens as the topmost planned activity for our vacation - and it did not disappoint! There are many parrots at this aviary, and all are clearly well cared for. Stepping into a cage with over a dozen Macaws was amazing, as they all became instantly excited and curious. There are dancing cockatoos, there are chatty African Greys, and even some parrots that come out to interact with the tour group at the end and play with you. It felt unreal being able to interact with this many parrots and they definitely enjoyed is just as much as we did.

Denis N.

Due to the damage we had from Hurricane Ian,
We apologize for any inconvienece.

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The Bird Gardens of Naples is located in the green space of Corkscrew Swamp with a variety of flora, fauna, bees, and butterflies. You will have the opportunity to see, learn, and interact with 100+ birds from origins around the world. If weather allows, groups can enter our large macaw aviary with opportunities to take photos and hold birds. Our guided tours last approximately two hours. Please bring sunscreen, bug spray, and comfortable walking shoes. Also feel free to bring unsalted nuts to feed the birds, however, no peanuts as they cause diseases in birds. For safety purposes, please stay on the trail and with your tour guide at all times. If you need to leave early, please advise your tour guide. All guided tours begin promptly 15 minutes after the scheduled time. Our gates open 15 minutes before tours and close 15 minutes after, allowing a 30-minute window for all visitors to arrive. Once the gate closes and the tour begins, late visitors will not be allowed in. Please check our address prior to your scheduled tour to ensure enough time for travel. We do not charge a fee for our educational tours, but donations are greatly appreciated and go along way to help our charity keep the birds happy and healthy.

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The Bird Gardens of Naples is a 501 c(3) registered in the State of Florida.  We area non-profit that relies on donations to support our cause of caring for our almost 200 relinquished and abandoned birds.  Your donations go directly towards the care, feeding and support of these magnificent animals.